Hanoch Piven
Guest Artists 2
posted: March 5, 2008
People have been sending me collages made with objects for over 10 years now.
Last week for example some guy named Leo Espinosa sent me some wonderful Object Drawings his two kids, Ben y Sofia made.
I don't know this guy and at first I said: Oh it is probably another one of those nudge dads always bragging about their kids but oh boy! his kids do make great stuff!
Bob Staake March 5, 2008
ben and sofie, these are GREAT!!!!
Harry Campbell March 5, 2008
Nice work Ben and Sofia. Okay, now tell us the truth. Where was dad when you were working on these? He wasn't art directing was he? Come on tell the truth. I feel parental pressure. As soon as my guys are back from school I'm getting out the glue gun. I see a Drawger kids gallery a brewing. Hanock, thanks for posting these and Leo for sending them. Honestly, we do have some very sweet and uh---over achieving parents at Drawger.
Leo Espinosa March 5, 2008
Man, I was lucky they allowed me to take the pics. The only thing I was able to suggest was to do them really fast because I knew pressure would make them giggle; You know, like when you are facing a laughable newspaper deadline and you get that nervous tickling feeling in your stomach? heh, heh... Thanks for the post and the inspiration Hanoch and for the comments Bob + Harry. Can't wait for Ben and Sofia to get back from school to show them. Long live Smelly Socks!!!!!
Zina Saunders March 5, 2008
These are so fun. Thanks for inspiring them, Hanoch. And thanks for having them, Leo.
Nancy Stahl March 5, 2008
Mass déjà vu attack? Love 'em, but I'm confused.
Hanoch Piven March 6, 2008
what's confusing you dear Nancy?
Christoph Hitz March 6, 2008
Cute. Love the natural light and the shadows.... these kids know what there doing.
Tim O\'Brien March 7, 2008
My son Cassius LOVED your drawger page. He wants to try a hand at this. Best, Tim