Hanoch Piven
Guest Artist
posted: March 3, 2008
I'm starting a new category: Guest Artists! 
Yuval who is 4.5 years old from Tsur Moshe, Israel
sent me this 'drawing'.
Laura Levine March 3, 2008
Yuval has a special way with nuts and seeds. Go Yuval!
Bill Koeb March 3, 2008
Thanks for sharing. It's a beauty. Bill
Hal Mayforth March 4, 2008
Love it!
Nancy Stahl March 4, 2008
Cathleen Toelke March 4, 2008
Aw, now that is too cute!
John Dykes March 4, 2008
Nice one!... wait a minute... Is Yuval related to you??? Or simply inspired BY you???
Hanoch Piven March 4, 2008
John no relation to Yuval beyond the fact that she attended once a workshop I gave in her kindergarden and she watches my tv program..or at least thats what I was told...
Leo Espinosa March 4, 2008
Good one Yuval!!!
Leo Espinosa March 4, 2008
Ha, ha. My post is gone. I had forgotten I sent you the pics already. I'm loosing it!