Hanoch Piven
Gore's back?
posted: February 22, 2008
It turns out Al Gore had a long lost cousin in Pakistan.
barry blitt February 22, 2008
Does that look like Al Gore to you, Hanoch? [or are you experimenting with a new kind of humor I don't quite understand?]
Hanoch Piven February 22, 2008
Blitt I was THIS CLOSE to disapprove your comment this time. Don't you know you're supposed to say: "that is great Hanoch!, very funny" Well I saw him (=Pakistany politician Nawaz Sharif) this morning in the news and TO ME he looked EXACTLY like a Pakistany version of Al Gore ok? (and Barry you have a piece of oatmeal hanging on your beard).
Edel Rodriguez February 22, 2008
Hanoch gets my vote on this one. Blitt's smear tactics will not work. That is great Hanoch!, very funny.
David Goldin February 22, 2008
Alawaz Gorif
David Flaherty February 22, 2008
Hanoch, looks like Gore but this guy is for Global Warming.
Tim O\'Brien February 22, 2008
I don't usually add any images to anyone's blog, but this supports your "find" Enjoy...
Hanoch Piven February 22, 2008
Wow Tim thank you so much! This is a beauty...its.. I just can't stop looking at it.. I think Im gonna cry. suddenly Gore looks thin again. take that Blitt!
Cathleen Toelke February 24, 2008
Silly fellas. Very funny.