Hanoch Piven
posted: February 13, 2008
One more (and last) chapter of Superstuff, my TV program on HOP TV, Israel or as it is called in hebrew: Hafatzim Mitlotzetzim
Stephen Kroninger February 13, 2008
or as it is called in English: "SUPERB!"
Cathleen Toelke February 13, 2008
These are so terrific. Congratulations, Hanoch.
Joe Ciardiello February 13, 2008
Great Hanoch. What a perfect vehicle for you.
Brian Stauffer February 13, 2008
I'm amazed at how much expression you get from these seemingly random objects. How many are in the series?
Leo Espinosa February 17, 2008
You have inspired our Sunday morning activities! Gracias Leo+Ben