Hanoch Piven
Good Bye Haaretz, shalom Maariv.
posted: February 8, 2008
Here's a close up of the slick mouth. I do work with 'oils' now....
2 kg of Salmon were needed to create the portrait of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. (in addition to caviar and cigars)
My studio smelled terribly once the old sketches started going rotten.
The stinky smell did put me in the right angry mood to work on this piece.

In 1995 when I was still living in NY a meeting with the editor of the Weekend
supplement of Haaretz newspaper in Israel, Dov Alfon
led to the creation of my monthly column in the supplement.
O.J. Simpson was the first object of the column.
(I wrote about it in the past here.)

A month later Israeli PM, Itzhak Rabin was assassinated and by 1996
when I was back in Israel, the column was mainly dedicated to political figures of the Netanyahu government.
The column ran for 5 years until I got really tired of it and decided to take a break.

Today when I am starting a new column in the Israeli paper Maariv it is
a good opportunity to thank Haaretz for their amazing support to my work
throughout the years and their gutsy decisions to use it so prominently.
Haaretz has been indeed very meaningful to the development of my professional life.

I wish Maariv and myself a great road together. 
Maariv's front page today.
My new column in Maariv, today.
The column will host every two weeks a writer who will
write his/her views on the person portrayed to the left.

This week Rino Tzror wrote a powerful text  about  slick Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
Richard Allen February 8, 2008
Great piece, Hanoch. Particularly like the oily stains. Thanks for the link to your previous post- again, great work but also your 'whine': an insightful post- I'm forever having to remind myself not to be complacent and settle for being spoonfed.
Hanoch Piven February 8, 2008
thanks Richard!
Leo Espinosa February 8, 2008
Does salmon+ cigars= smoked salmon? You sure knew your ingredients for this recipe, sir. Great Illo.
David Flaherty February 8, 2008
Somehow I don't think I'd be able to get away with using lox to portray this gentleman! Nice job!
Harry Campbell February 8, 2008
Hanoch, That's at the same time disgusting and brilliant. Remind s me of the meat dress I saw at the Tate Modern in London, not sure the artist but the meat was all dried up and they had pictures what it looked like when it was all drippy and fresh, like your salmon. Are those capers? Where's the cream cheese? Can anybody help with the name of the meat dress artist? Great as always Hanoch. See you in Europe-someday-hopefully your studio will have aired out by then.
Steve Brodner February 8, 2008
Yummy, Hanoch. Now we have Drawger for you to keep us up on the series. Please post like mad. Congrats. SB
Frances Jetter February 9, 2008
Hanoch, I love it. Wonderfully slithery. Harry, there is a young Brooklyn artist, Pinar Yolacan, who made clothing out of raw chicken skin, and sometimes tripe, and photographed old ladies in these garments. Hanoch, your materials are starting to sound positively refreshing.
barry blitt February 9, 2008
'nook, My favorite part of this one is the lit ends of the cigars for the eyes, brilliant. [I had to go out and get a half pound of lox after looking at this. To eat, I mean]
Laura Levine February 9, 2008
Wonderfully appetizing, Hanoch! I'm having a serious Nova craving right now.
David Goldin February 9, 2008
The close up of the mouth and nose made me crack up. My cat won't let me work with fish. Good luck with the new gig - they're lucky, your work is very appetizing.
Stephen Kroninger February 10, 2008
David Flaherty February 11, 2008
I can't wait for your next brunch Hanoch.