Hanoch Piven
"Peasleecott" Award
posted: February 6, 2008
I am proud to be a recipient of the prestigious Peasleecott Award
given by  the six 2nd and 3rd grade classes at the Marguerite E. Peaslee School, a K-5 elementary school in Northborough, Massachusetts.

I'd like to thank my editor Annie Kelley, my agent Sally Heflin and my dear wife Janet for putting up with all the smelly stuff around the house needed to win this award.

Thank You very much sweet (and oh so smart!) children of Peaslee.

Edel Rodriguez February 6, 2008
Congratulations Hanoch! I hope to get the Peasleecott Award some day too. Do you get one of those gold labels to put on the cover?
Leo Espinosa February 6, 2008
Oh man, this is the best thing that can ever, ever happen to a children's book illustrator! Enhorabuena, Janojito.
Brian Stauffer February 6, 2008
A true award!
Nancy Stahl February 6, 2008
Warms your heart..! And Amber looks to want her credit line nice and big. A budding illustrator.
Tim O\'Brien February 6, 2008
That's great! To move the hearts of children is to matter in this world.
Brandon Reese February 6, 2008
So Sweet...Frame it!
Dale Stephanos February 6, 2008
Now that's an award to frame and display proudly. That's a very tough jury Hanoch, congrats!
David Goldin February 6, 2008
You are "The Pivenator". That's a killer award. Congrats!
Marc February 6, 2008
Congratulations, Hanoch!
Paul Rogers February 6, 2008
Congratulations Hanoch, You are also really, really unique.
Alex Murawski February 6, 2008
Now that is really one cool bunch of kids.
Stephen Kroninger February 6, 2008
That is great, Hanoch.