Hanoch Piven
Carnaval Again!
posted: February 3, 2008
this post gives me a feeling of a small tradition starting...
it is carnestoltes (carnival) again in barcelona
and first of all NO I did not make that poster...

Again Ana's school had a parade. This year the theme was the 4 seasons.
I have been asked many times this past week if I made this image..no I did not....
these are mushrooms ...
Ana's class dressed up as old fashion heaters. these faces look weir in the chimney's windows.
and just like last year. the symbolic burning of the carnestoltes figure. this year the figure represented
all which pollutes the environment (I guess such as symbolic figures which are burnt in schools in carnival ceremonies)
Paul Rogers February 3, 2008
Hanoch, I bet you had tears in your eyes watching this parade. Did you do that poster? It's really not up to your usual standards. nice type.
Josh McKible February 3, 2008
very cute
Bill Koeb February 3, 2008
So sweet, those little faces in their costumes. The chimneys are the coolest!
Leo Espinosa February 4, 2008
Quins nens més guapos, Janoj! How you feel about that poster, though? Maybe it was one of your students that did it. It's not bad, is it?
Harry Campbell February 4, 2008
Hanoch, I'm so jealous of you living in Barcelona. I wish I could get my wife to spend a year in Europe. Are you there permanently? I'm going to start softening her up in March with a trip to Paris with all four boys in tow. These are beautiful shots. There is not a school in the US that would allow that burning ritual. Oh, the lawsuits. And the time spent on those costumes, a commitment the Spanish have towards art. Harry
Hanoch Piven February 4, 2008
Harry tell your wife once you guys try it in Europe it will be hard to go back! come on! you're an illustrator! you can do it from anywhere!