Hanoch Piven
posted: January 29, 2008
Bugs made out of objects found in the hospital....
This past year is definitely a year with new and different projects for me.

5 months ago I was contacted by the Rabin Medical Center in Israel, to help them develop a campaign which, through the use of art would create conscience among medical stuff to keep viruses and bacteria away (by making sure they wash their hands repeatedly).
At first it seemed a very difficult subject to deal with. I wasn't sure what would be the right tone to use.
Gradually with the help of a nice group of people (mainly artist Roy Mordechay and the Artish Group) we created an interactive campaign to place in the hospital lobby.

The campaign consists of an instalation of bacteria sculptures.
We made the sculptures with Roy, and the idea was to show that the most trivial objects that exist in the hospital, from computer keyboards to door knobs, carry bacteria.
The 'bugs' are not happy, they are in trouble since they are behind a fence made out of a chain of clean hands. they have been 'caught', 'stopped'. (that was my usual answer whenever somebody would ask me: "isn't it going to be scary to have large bugs in the hospital lobby?"
These bugs are the stars of the campaign since they appear in posters all around the hospital reminding the staff to wash their hands.

The second part of the campaign is an interactive part. We printed large canvases of hands which have the bugs on them.  (they were their digital versions which my dear wife Janet designed with me)
Each staff member in the hospital received a small 'clean' hand and was asked to sign and personalized it and then glue it to the large canvas and cover a bug with it.  By doing that they were not only symbolically stopping a bug, but what's more important, committing themselves to be more careful and cautious in their daily routine work.
The idea is that only if everybody in the hospital signs in and joins forces the fight against bacteria will be successful.
Designer Michal Suday and copywriter Narda Ben Yaacov also took part in the campaign.

So here are some pictures.
These bugs are in BIG trouble...
that is at the entrance to the main lobby of the Rabin Medical Center....
Each unit and department in the hospital received their own canvas. ...
During the next weeks people will (hopefully) cover the bacteria with their signed hands....
Adam McCauley January 29, 2008
Those are AWESOME bug sculptures Hanoch!!
Cathie Bleck January 30, 2008
What a beautiful project and great sculptures! I love how the hands overlay the sculptures on the glass wall.
Steve Brodner January 30, 2008
Hanoch: Super smart and very fun. A brilliant application of work that actually helps prevent illness!!! And how great Janet and you are collaborating. Question: do you help the participants aerange the little hands to keep the design pattern, or is the design supposed to be more random? SB
Hanoch Piven January 30, 2008
The idea is that each person will try to cover a bacteria but also people are free to be as creative as they want and put it wherever they want. In hebrew "in" and "with" are the same word so the translation of the slogan is: We stop the bacteria with/in our hands.
David Flaherty January 30, 2008
Funny stuff Hanoch!
Robert Saunders January 30, 2008
Wow, this is great, Hanoch. Art in the service of preventing infection. Nice work.
Christoph Hitz January 30, 2008
Hanoch, This is fabulous. It takes skill, talent, team spirit and organization to pull this one off. Muzeltoff.
Leo Espinosa January 30, 2008
The problem is that yellow bacteria is so damn cool that I don't want to fight him. I wanna be his friend! Great job, monstruo!
Bob Staake January 30, 2008
hanoch!!!! just THE BEST!!!!!!!!
Zina Saunders January 31, 2008
I'll join the chorus: those are some fantastic bugs!
Walter Vasconcelos January 31, 2008
Congatulations, great and funny stuff Hanoch!
Stephen Kroninger January 31, 2008
Great germs, Hanoch!