Hanoch Piven
TV Program starts airing in Israel
posted: January 20, 2008
My HOP TV program starts airing today in Israel.
The program is called in Hebrew ????? ????????
(note to Zimm: can't I write in Hebrew in Drawger...?)

ok it sounds like Hafatzim Mitlotsesim which means something like... Objects Joking Around

Aliza Dayan Hamama created the program with me.
Ofer Inov (who shot the movie Beaufort!) directed and handled the camera.
Lea Berkovitch did the animation
Lilach Avramovitch brought the great props
Ganit Nevet and Yael Yatsiv produced.

and it was a big pleasure working on this with them all.

Here's the opener of the program.
Here's one whole chapter. I like the chapter with the fruits because it is so open. It is all there. You're eye just has to choose where to go, what fruits to use to make a face, an animal, anything.
and here's a TV report about the program from Israeli TV which is in Haaretz website.

Mark Fisher January 20, 2008
Hanoch, such fun, best of luck with the show. What you do is so inspiring to us kids.
Steve Brodner January 20, 2008
This is soooooo great. Not just fun but showing kids it's cool to make art. I love the animations too. Mazel tov, Hanoch!
Hanoch Piven January 20, 2008
thanks guys I am uploading a whole chapter as soon as youtube lets me.
Edel Rodriguez January 20, 2008
"the, the, fruit, putting all the fruits out, making faces, making the froggie, the one with the sock, I like seeing your hands, that's all" — la niñita Rodriguez, after asking to see each video over 10 times! The family wants more!
Paul Rogers January 20, 2008
Hanoch, That is GREAT! I love seeing how all the options in the fruits show how the character can change. Kids will love this show. Mazal Tov! PR
Nancy Stahl January 20, 2008
These are great..! Do they make up the whole show? I hope so, without any dialog they could play every where.
Cathleen Toelke January 20, 2008
Absolutely delightful, Hanoch. They're a wonderful extension of your work, and the kind of kids' stuff that adults love!
Stephen Kroninger January 20, 2008
Good stuff, Hanoch. Kids will eat it up.
Laura Levine January 20, 2008
Mazel Tov! (Did I spy an exotic Israeli pretzel fruit in the bunch?).
barry blitt January 20, 2008
Extremely cool Hanoch, congratulations. [your hands look fantastic, by the way - have you had work done?]
Richard Allen January 21, 2008
Can't wait to show this to my kids, Hanoch. Bravo!
Leo Espinosa January 21, 2008
Mazel Tovísimo, viejo! Me puse muy feliz por ti y por los afortunados chicos que tienen esto en TV.
Bill Koeb January 21, 2008
Hi Hanoch, Really fun and playful pieces. The veggie one really reminds me of a Sesame Street piece. I wish you continued success with them and other work. Love the portraits you do. Bill
Hanoch Piven January 23, 2008
hey thanks Stephen, Blitt (yes my hands are groomed daily and fully insured) LL, Richard, Leon, and Bill.