Hanoch Piven
Artists Against the War
posted: January 4, 2008
The piece is named The Golf War....
Adding one more image from the Artists Against the War show,
here's mine
I created a new piece for the show and sadly, with the rush to send it from here, making sure none of the toy weapons I included looked suspicious or were made of metal (so no custom or security officer would be tempted to stop or open it in the US border), I never managed to take a good picture of it. This is the best one I have.

The hair (and nose) are made with some broken and some limbless plastic toy soldiers .

Judging by the images online It seems to be an AMAZING SHOW!
Make sure to check it out. I am also happy to be one of three Israeli artists in the show, together with the great Tomer Hanuka and Koren Shadmi.
Dale Stephanos January 4, 2008
Hanoch, even a bad photo of your work is pretty darn good. Great idea. Are you going to be in town for the show?
Hanoch Piven January 5, 2008
Hi Dale and thanks. No, sadly I wont be in.
Tim O\'Brien January 5, 2008
Great piece Hanoch!