Hanoch Piven
2 Giulianis 19 years apart
posted: December 28, 2007
When a monthly publication commissions a portrait it can take forever between the time you (me) finish the portrait and the time you (me) can show it in Drawger. So this is a Giuliani I did a while ago for the cover of the current January issue of The Progressive.

It is the second time I draw Giuliani.
The previous time was almost 19 years ago in 1989 when I was a Freshman in The School of Visual Arts and Rudy was running (and losing) for Mayor against Dinkins and Koch. (the time of Eighties NYC, Donald Trump and homelessness). In what seems to be a previous lifetime I was at the time studying with Harvey Kurtzman and made this cartoon for the students newspaper of SVA.

Is this what is called sophomoric work or what?
I guess these were the 5 minutes when I wanted to do political cartoons....
Randy Jones December 28, 2007
Amazing evolution of your art. I think you spent more than 5 minutes as a political cartoonist. You've sprinckled in a few politicians into your body of work. I've lost count of all the Giulianis I 've had to draw over the years.
Mark Fisher December 29, 2007
Hanoch, great contrast of work. It would be interesting to know how and when you came to discover your 3D voice.
Hanoch Piven December 29, 2007
hi there Randy and Mark Mark, my '3D voice' came out only after I stopped trying so hard to be an illustrator, meaning I started to think of becoming a graphic designer. Then I started to think on communicating clearly rather than on drawing tecniques, and the rest just evolved in a natural path.(it is probably more complicated than that but I just ate a large meal..)