Hanoch Piven
Perez Loves YOU
posted: December 20, 2007
As an illustrator you get to learn about many new and surprising
world phenomenons like the existence of Perez Hilton.
Found out about him two weeks ago when the call came from
Entertainment Weekly to do his portrait.
I loved that pink purse so I kept looking for a way to use it.
J.D. King December 20, 2007
HEH! Hanoch strikes AGAIN!
Zina Saunders December 20, 2007
Tim O\'Brien December 20, 2007
He's a modern day Walter Winchell! Kidding. Great portrait.
Leo Espinosa December 20, 2007
Coffee coming out of my Royal crown I laugh so hard!
Hal Mayforth December 20, 2007
Those are quite possibly the funniest eyes I have ever seen.
Stephen Kroninger December 20, 2007
That's a dead on Perez and how do I know that?
David Flaherty December 21, 2007
That guy is waaaay nasty. But he does come off better on TV, go figure.