Hanoch Piven
Kim Jong delivers
posted: November 30, 2007
A couple of weeks ago I got news that
my illustration of Kim Jong Il was chosen to be
on the cover of the new Lurzer's Archive book
The 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.

It obviously makes me very honored and happy, specially
considering the fact that in the previous book of this series
Anita Kunz, the Illustration Queen herself, was on the cover.
Kim Jong Il made for Time Magazine one year ago....
Paul Rogers November 30, 2007
Hanoch, Congratulations! That makes you this year's King. The other 199 of us bow to you.
laura t. November 30, 2007
congrats hanoch!! what an awesome honor- i'm sure i'll see that kickin around the office in a few weeks :)
Zina Saunders November 30, 2007
You deserve it, Hanoch! Bravo!
Mark Fisher November 30, 2007
Hanoch, very nice!
Steve Brodner December 1, 2007
What we knew all along. Congrats, mate.
Hal Mayforth December 1, 2007
Way to go, Hanoch. And way to go, Lurzer's Archive. A brilliant choice.
Tim O\'Brien December 1, 2007
Great choice. If I had to pick an artist to have the cover of a collection of great illustration, you would be on the short list at the top. Love the lock and matches.
d flaherty December 1, 2007
A bottle of Chevis Regal to you!
Leo Espinosa December 2, 2007
Enhorabuena tío! That book is the coolest. No, You're the coolest! Goooooolazo de Piven, dos a cero señoras y señores!!!
David Heatley December 2, 2007
Hanoch, that's awesome! And a great image. Like the rest of your pieces, the objects all work on a metaphoric level and tell a larger story. I'm psyched to get my copy now. Feel very lucky to have been included in that 200 too.
Randall Enos December 2, 2007
Well deserved hanoch....a beautiful portrait.
Richard Allen December 3, 2007
Congrats, Hanoch. V strong
Christoph Hitz December 3, 2007
By far my favorite... Bravo and Congrats!
Frances Jetter January 23, 2008
This is a great piece, Hanoch. The honor of the cover is well deserved. Belated congratulations.