Hanoch Piven
Upcoming TV Program
posted: November 15, 2007
A bird being made for the TV program in Israel. It will air soon on  HOP Channel in Israel.
Its not a cooking show.
Ok what's the best part of making a TV show?
Your HANDS (!) have to get make up on them!
(oh boy, white does not suit me..)
harry Campbell November 15, 2007
fantastique!! Hanoch, you're an inspiration. When and how can we see this? h
Hanoch Piven November 15, 2007
Harry it will air soon in Israel and in some European contries who buy the HOP channel. I hope to be able to post some clips here.
David Flaherty November 15, 2007
So the shoot down from above and just see your hands? Looks like fun.
Leo Espinosa November 15, 2007
Sweet as M&Ms, Hanoch! What kind of show is it?
Nancy Stahl November 15, 2007
I guess the make-up keeps you from scooping up handfulls of the M&Ms (Skittles?) and eating them while on air. At least that's what I would do..!
Robert Saunders November 15, 2007
Hanoch, you're a master of having fun. Looking at your stuff I feel it doesn't get any better.
Laura Levine November 15, 2007
this looks fantastic - and fun - and tasty! mazel tov!
Steve Brodner November 15, 2007
H: You have such an understanding of kids and art. This combines everything so brilliantly and eloquently! When do you sign on with CBS et al?
Mark Fisher November 15, 2007
Hanoch, could it get any more fun, holding hands with 3 women, playing with toys and candy, and being on TV?
Christoph Hitz November 16, 2007
Hanoch, Is this bird story stop animated? The funky birds beak is just about perfect for picking away on some scrumptious M&M's. I'm always impressed by the multitude of female assistants that surround you ;)
Hanoch Piven November 16, 2007
Christoph hi at the end of each chapter there is a little stop motion animation. The bird indeed ended up eating some m&ms Im starting to see the rough cuts and it is exciting. Will post some soon...(if they let me..) and yes I get your point about the women around, you could almost think I'm popular in that area...but don't get the images trick you. Actually to be honest that part was a lot of fun.
Von Glitschka November 18, 2007
Incredible! Very cool.