Hanoch Piven
posted: November 12, 2007
It is not a tree ok?, it is two vegans kisssing....
Continuing the vegetables theme in my Blog here's a recent illustration I did for Rolling Stone.
Apparently this is the new cool sexual orientation: VEGANSEXUALS.

For the uninformed, vegansexuals are vegans who will have sexual relationshops only with other vegans. (its good they sent me the article so I learn what the hell are vegansexuals)

To explain it in Drawger terms. Lets say Kroninger is a vegan AND a vegansexual, Staake is a vegan but Edel is not a vegan since he regularly eats all this Cuban arroz con habichuelas y pollo. (chicken! not cool) So Kroninger will not be sexually attracted to Edel based SOLELY on the fact that Edel is NOT a vegan. (He might still not be atracted to Staake but thats besides the point we are dealing with today)

I hope this helps.
Zina Saunders November 12, 2007
Very cool picture and crystal clear explanation, Hanoch!
J.D. King November 12, 2007
1) This may be the single best marriage of concept and execution I've ever seen. 2) So... Edel, Skron and Bob? I had no idea! Which one's the husband?!?
Hanoch Piven November 12, 2007
the one who eats zucchini of course..
Robert Saunders November 12, 2007
You can't beat this with a stick...er, an organic rutabega!