Hanoch Piven
posted: November 2, 2007
One eggplant with a nose.
Tim O\'Brien November 2, 2007
Hey Hanoch, Do you know Saxton Freyman? Nicest guy in the world and a clever artist. He makes things, animals and faces out of food.
Zina Saunders November 2, 2007
Ah! So that's a nose!
Mark Fisher November 3, 2007
Christian Slade November 3, 2007
Paging Dr. Freud....
J.D. King November 3, 2007
The Great Durante! Hot cha cha cha CHA!
Leo Espinosa November 3, 2007
Hanoch Piven November 3, 2007
no idea what or who this eggplant is. was just there in the groceries bag. Tim I don't know Saxton personally but know and like his work very much.
Jon Berkeley November 4, 2007
Hanoch- You've been making faces too long. This is clearly the beginning of a master race of Aubergines. Lock it in a safe at once and phone the guys at Roswell. Whatever you do, don't let it persuade you to bring it to a nightclub.
Brian Stauffer November 4, 2007
I don't want to reveal too much about myself here, but I get a really insecure feeling in my loins when I look at this.
Hanoch Piven November 4, 2007
guys and girls I REALLY meant a NOSE, a NOSE but now that you all mention it...
Lou Brooks November 4, 2007
"Sometimes an eggplant is just an eggplant" -- Ima Freud, paranoid sister of Sigmund.
Lou Brooks November 5, 2007
And forget Nixon, Mark... It's obviously Spiro Agnew.
Mark Fisher November 5, 2007
Hanoch, You know what they say about a guys nose. Lou, you nattering ninny of negativism!