Hanoch Piven
posted: October 30, 2007
Was it John Cleese who said you have to embarrass yourself once a day, so after Bob's Staake's great image this morning, here's my Halloween Witch who just quickly happenned today on my table.
I'm working on 52 images for a TV show, which I have 2 weeks to make.
This is really new for me to be working on such fast pace. It is like sketching quick poses in life drawing.
I will be posting some soon.
So the witch might be one of them.
Bob Staake October 30, 2007
hanoch, now THAT is one inspired witch! keep 'em coming, buddy!
Steve Brodner October 30, 2007
These are hilarious. I would love to see them animated.
Leo Espinosa October 30, 2007
Ha, ha. When your son wrote to me the other day he said "Hanoch is 'working' in his studio ". You keep playing, viejo! Sos un monstruo! All these great posts from today (and a gorgeous New England fall morning) planted a huge smile on my face.
J.D. King October 30, 2007
Is she single?
Rob Dunlavey October 30, 2007
I love the universe this hag lives in! The morter and pestle head remind me of the Baba Yaga stories. Bab Yaga, the mostly evil witch of Russian folklore, rides around on her errands in a turbocharged morter that she steers with the pestle.
Cathleen Toelke October 30, 2007
The nose is a scream, and I love the twist of broom as a skirt!
la urale vine October 30, 2007
I love her! Hanoch, is it an American TV show or something overseas? What a cool gig!
Dale Stephanos October 30, 2007
I agree with Steve, this gal needs to move!
Hanoch Piven October 31, 2007
thank you all guys Rob thanks for pointing out Baba Yaga, she's going to be good reference. It is for an overseas show, not USA. JD she is single and she loves animals
Mark Fisher October 31, 2007
Hanoch, love the rainbow worm arms.
Richard Allen November 1, 2007
Such a neat, original character, Hanoch. I can see this as a stop motion animation.