Hanoch Piven
posted: October 23, 2007
Last week I was asked to illustrate Angela Merkel who according to Newsweek Europe is concerned in all her actions only about being reelected, very careful before every step she takes.
So I brought in a pocket calculator to her mouth, labeling it EuroCalculator.
While it might not be the greatest shape for the mouth I felt it created a strong communicative image.
The editors liked the idea and ended up using the verb 'calculating' in their headline.

I love it when the relation between publication and illustrator becomes a dialogue and not the monologue of instructions illustrators often have to endure from art directors (who in turn get their share of orders from the editors)

So every time a sketch or idea of mine ends up influencing a headline it obviously makes me happy...and gives me the feeling that sometimes editors actually even listen to illustrators.

I was just reminded of a great cartoon of the late (and very influential to me) Doug Marlette which depicted in an accurate way that relationship and also the certain gap in perceptions we all might have.
barryblitt October 23, 2007
Hanoch - The sculptures [from the Muses Festival in your last post] look amazing. What a great project for you. [I'll comment about the Angela Merkel post in your next post]
Hanoch Piven October 23, 2007
thanks Barry this weekly gig you have in EW with Jim Mullen is really cool.
Dale Stephanos October 23, 2007
Hanoch, I did a portrait of Merkel for Newsweek last month. For all my hours of trying to render every last tiny detail, your piece has so much more of the person in it. Your work always does though. Great job.
Tim O\'Brien October 23, 2007
Great likeness. I don't know how you do it. I have been working with my students lately trying to articulate how to create a likeness in a characterization. I must should like a lunatic. I should just send them all to you.
Richard A Goldberg October 23, 2007
Your calculating mouth is brilliant. What are the eyes?
laura levine October 23, 2007
Hanoch, you always nail it! And you're right, it's great when there's more of a back-and-forth collaboration between the text and art, editors and illustrators. 1 + 1 = 3.
Hanoch Piven October 23, 2007
Tim, Dale and Laura thanks. RAG the eyes are earings and blue glass balls.
Robert Saunders October 23, 2007
I'm very taken with Angela Merkel of late, especially since the time she brushed off W's attempted shoulder-rubbing at a roundtable meeting months ago. Great Merkel, Hanoch, and very funny quartet by Marlette (RIP, Doug).
Zina Saunders October 24, 2007
So cool, Hanoch!