Hanoch Piven
Sculptures !
posted: October 19, 2007
this was the gorillephant...
At the beginning of the month I took part in a new kind of project for me.
I was invited to Shoam, a small village in Israel to participate in their "Muses Festival". 
In adition to conducting some creative workshops in the Festival, I was comissioned to create 3 sculptures to be shown in the Festival and remain in Shoham after that.
A local dump yard provided me with all the junk I needed and place to work and 12 female highschool art students joined me.
This was the first time I created free standing sculptures, and, needles to say, in a junk yard collecting junk with 12 women is the good life for me!
So the nice thing about it was the idea of working and creating with what was there. Nothing was bought or brought, from the outside.
We spent some hours gathering stuff, and a whole day putting it together. By the end of the second day we had 5 statues standing. What do they mean? No idea, but it was a lot of fun.
The girls gathering stuff. ...
..and more stuff...
Slowly things started to look like something.
Here’s Avital the art teacher holding together what willl become a cow.
two days later....this might be sacrilegious but the cow's 'milk glands' are an old clay menorah we found there....
the ….leaning guy with the piano mouth.....
the sculptures were displayed during the Festival. ...
together with Aya and Alon (pictured here) we created a huge worm.

and my whole 'booth' looked like that.
People came to participate in workshops, and little kids listened to my book being read....
Leo Espinosa October 19, 2007
This stuff is gold, Pibe! The sculptures, your guidance, inspiration and commitment with this workshops, creating art as a group, the whole thing! Feel very proud of what you are doing, because it's terrific.
Steve Brodner October 19, 2007
Hanoch: This is a Holy Grail of art, where your art and your life are one. How delightfully spooky and fun that these creatures invade the real world, and that you let kids and their parents make it happen with you. Genius. Congrats.
J.D. King October 19, 2007
HAH! BTW, have you seen that Picasso sculpture where he created a bull's head i-- very much in his style -- simply by positioning a bicycle handlebars over a bicycle seat?
Bob Staake October 19, 2007
beyond delightful, hanoch. this is exactly what i have had in mind as a way to draw attention to the recycling center here in my little town of chatham, massachusetts. you're created an amazing world here and are instilling an important message about trash, art and creativity. bravo, buddy!
Marc October 19, 2007
Wonderful work, Hanoch! I love the creativity in these and the process of collaboration. Inspiring.
Hanoch Piven October 19, 2007
hey guys thanks for the comments. JD yes. I love Picasso's Bull's Head. He is always the opener in my lectures. Such a great synthesized image.
David Flaherty October 19, 2007
You are amazing!
Larry Ross October 19, 2007
Joe Ciardiello October 19, 2007
Hanoch, these are just great!
Edel Rodriguez October 19, 2007
Hanoch, great to have you back, and with such inspiring work! This is the best that one can do with art. Gracias, hermano!
Mark Fisher October 20, 2007
Hanoch, A dump, ultimate playground! A great post!
L October 21, 2007
My three-years-old does a very good impression of the cow face. We all enjoyed the sculptures very much.