Hanoch Piven
Simmons and Groucho
posted: October 12, 2007
I have been busy and away from the studio.
Will hopefully post something about it soon.

Meanwhile a couple of illustrations I recently made for
Stanford Medicine Magazine

First one is a portrait of RIchard SImmons
and the second one a story about Hollywood cutting on smoking in movies.

more soon.....pant pant
Steve Wacksman October 12, 2007
I was just enjoying the Richard Simmons piece in a general way..y'know, just taking in the personality. Then I focused on the mouth and identified it as a sweatsock and I'm pretty sure I actually gasped! That's just one of the things I love about your work, Hanoch- ain't a lot of artists out there that can surprise me that way. Great fun. OK, I'm off - I'm putting the finishing touches on my broccoli toupee ...
Richard Allen October 12, 2007
It's the impish wit in the details that gets me every time. What are Groucho's eyes made from, Hanoch?
Hanoch Piven October 12, 2007
Richard wrong question to ask me after coomplementing my attention to detail since the answer is..."just plain black marbles".
Mike Moran October 12, 2007
The hair on Simmons... what a great idea!
Stephen Kroninger October 12, 2007
Nice detail on Groucho's eyes just the same. Many caricaturists miss that one of Groucho's eyes is off center. It goes a long way in capturing a true likeness of the man.
Hanoch Piven October 12, 2007
Kron you are right about the eyes..wish i would have accentuated that more.
Mark Fisher October 13, 2007
Hanoch, Very nice! The Groucho is a superb concept as well as portrait.