Hanoch Piven
School Library Journal
posted: September 19, 2007
A recent job for School Library Journal. It is about how boys have a hard time been quiet at school. The system of sitting down quietly while studying might just not be the right one for many. I was happy the editors gave me the ok to go with an upside down figure. since I thought it suggested the idea of going against the norms. (this is my daughter's Tamagotchi there..shhhhh)
J.D. King September 19, 2007
This is one of your best, man! Yes for the upside down boy!
Hal Mayforth September 20, 2007
This is a great cover, Hanoch. As the father of three boys, it hits close to home.
Nancy Stahl September 20, 2007
The topsy-turvy hanging from the J of journal really is wonderful. As are the painting and the items reacting to gravity. Love it.
Tim O\'Brien September 20, 2007
Great image Hanoch. What is his mouth? a instrument> Also, do you have to worry about the logo "Firestone" on the tiny tires? Curious.
David Heatley September 20, 2007
I love it! Perfect use of objects as symbols, as usual.
Hanoch Piven September 20, 2007
merci guys and girls Tim the mouth is a little wind instrument. re Firestone tires, its surprising the people in the magazine did not worry about it. That's the right way to be. it's collage, found objects.
Cathleen Toelke September 21, 2007
Leave it to you, Hanoch, to think of the unexpected. Very effective! Bravo. I also like the perspective of the book in his hand.
Mark Fisher September 21, 2007
Hanoch, The leg hooked on the J and the book on end are wonderful.