Hanoch Piven
posted: August 23, 2007
I can only be jealous of the speed in which a Staake works.
Me? It took me over 8 months to do my book on cats which I'm now making the latest
adjustments to. So my status on it is: almost done and ready to go on a well earned week vacation.
Here is one of my favorites: the persian cat.
Roberto Parada August 23, 2007
Hanoch, That's just too good for words. Those colors work so well-- especially the blue feather. It's a Hit!!!
Bob Staake August 23, 2007
speed is overrated, hanoch. this is a terrific cat!
barryblitt August 24, 2007
Great cat Hanoch. Teresa had a pampered persian like that when I met her. [thankfully it died]
Hanoch Piven August 24, 2007
thanks guys Barry I have a vague memory of a cat like this around you. Was she still alive circa 1994?
Leo Espinosa August 24, 2007
I'm crying with this one, Hanoch. I'm reading some fables from Bogotá from around 1920 and there's plenty of characters like this one.
Brian Stauffer August 24, 2007
I really love the detail in this one. Are those earlings that make-up the "cats-eye" glasses or actual glasses? I wonder if you are familiar with Pablo Cano's work? He is a fine artist friend of mine here in Miami. canoart.com
Linzie Hunter August 24, 2007
haha, brilliant... love those eyes!
barry blitt August 25, 2007
H'ch - Is that when we first met, 1994? Holy crap, I didn't realize it was that long ago. Yeah, Sadie [the mean- spirited Persian cat] would have been alive then. She got diabetes around then and we had to give her insulin shots every day. That was a job I relished. [no one else can read this, can they?]
rag August 25, 2007
Hanoch, you genius you. We all go nuts over your creations. I love the simple form with complicated detail. Excellent. Looking forward to seeing the whole CATalogue.
Nate Williams August 29, 2007
haha .. great expression ... totally fits a cat
Hanoch Piven August 29, 2007
Hey its nice to come back from vacation to see these comments. thanks Nate, Linzie and rag Leo Im glad you made the 20's connexion..this is how I saw this one, as the 'It girl'. Barry, yup its 1994...I had my first computer shipped to your house in CT to avoid paying NYC sales tax... (no one's reading this, its fine) Brian, the eyes are earings indeed, thaks for the link to Cano's work. Seems very interesting, will check more later ....
Sonia September 1, 2007
Está divertidísimo este CAT!! Quiero ver máaaas!
pussman September 3, 2007
oooooh, he's the best!!! Make more of this!
TURCIOS September 7, 2007