Hanoch Piven
Fire fire
posted: August 15, 2007
This guy is going to be fiesta-shooting pretty soon....
Haven't been too much around Drawger lately. Summer in Spain is full of festivals and fiestas. If usually it doesn't seem like anybody works in here, now it is clear that nobody works in here. It is actually tough to concentrate on anything around here.
This week is the fiesta of our neighborhood, Gracia. The fiesta consists of decorating the streets, drinking in the streets late at night, dancing and listening to music in the streets and parading around the neighborhood shooting, burning and lighting fireworks. Yes there is an obsession with fire and explosions here. If you don't believe here are some pictures from a parade that went under our balcony this afternoon.
Here they go....
The Spanish Civil War? nope. FIESTA.
And then the real fun began
The Dragon came
and the Dragon left.
This is our street.
Leo Espinosa August 15, 2007
Ah, Gracia! I remember the fire madness during Saint Joan and the yummy panellets from All Saints holiday, too. What a fun neighborhood that one is. Grącies per les fotos, Janojillo! Molt guai.
Hanoch Piven August 15, 2007
Si Leo it is your neighborhood! (fun fun but it sure is loud)
Cathleen Toelke August 15, 2007
I really enjoy these slices of life. That's a beautiful dragon. It's funny how, unlike the US, other countries aren't so concerned with liabilities. Fireworks are set off in public squares, the people standing around, the billowing smoke blowing into buildings. You can crawl around archaeological sites with --no guardrails or roped-off areas--to your hearts content. You can have fun! the good old-fashioned way!
Adam McCauley August 15, 2007
Cool post, Hanoch. Man, I'd hate this. I hate explosions and fires and stuff. I still want to come to Barcelona though! I agree with Cathleen's observations about other countries not being so worried about liabilities.
Dale Stephanos August 15, 2007
Well who would want to work with all that gunplay going on? Makes me want to oil up the guns and shine the ammo.
Tim O\'Brien August 15, 2007
Thanks for the slice of life!
Stephen Kroninger August 15, 2007
A friend of mine lost everything in an apartment fire when an errant Chinese New Year's firework shot through his window downtown. He had a fantastic jazz and gospel record collection too. Gone. Have fun the good old fashioned way. This does look pretty amazing though.
Roberto Parada August 16, 2007
Hanoch, Great post. I understand well the spanish summer feasts in August. Never spent time in the Bacelona feasts but I could tell you the Galician feast in Coruna, Porto Novo and Vigo are pretty kick ass. However I never encountered much shooting. Just a lot of groping, drinking, dancing and eating till 6am. Your right on the money though -- When do they work? There's one thing you can be sure about regarding Spain -- They have no desire to take over the world, just don't mess with theirs.
Christoph Hitz August 16, 2007
The smell of fireworks and sulphur is ingrained in my brain and synonymous with summer time!
Cathleen Toelke August 16, 2007
Steve-I'm sorry about your friend's apartment. My comment was tongue-in-cheek, and when I find myself in potentially dangerous recreational situations, I can't help but wonder how many times someone cracked their head open, died, or a fire destroyed a building. It's a spirited, beautiful, but crazy world!
Robert Saunders August 16, 2007
I really envy where you live, Hanoch. At times I miss my old Italy days. There are a good number of summer festivals there too, rich in pageantry, lore, the arts, and of course the occasional fireworks.
Stephen Kroninger August 16, 2007
Cathleen, Hanoch----This was years ago. He's fine and thriving. The most lasting consequence is that he now lives in Brooklyn instead of Downtown Manhattan.