Hanoch Piven
Lemonade Mouth
posted: June 28, 2007
The Cover of Lemonade Mouth...
I love stories about teenage nerds, about underdogs who win at the end…so when 2 years ago I got the assignment to illustrate the cover of Lemonade Mouth, and I read the manuscript, I immediately took a liking of it. The book, a young adult novel about a music band of high-school nerds, by Mark Peter Hughes, really encourages young adults to ride their own wave, and to accept that being ‘freakish’ can be just fine. So the book has been out for a while and Mark is now engaged in eccentric yet admirable behavior, by driving with his whole family across the USA promoting the book. That’s the way his characters would have behaved. Hats off. I wish the whole family a fun trip and a succesful one. Here are some pictures he sent me and here’s a link to his Blog where he will report from his journey.

He will also be reporting about his journey on NPR 's All Things Considered.
(thanks Cathie for pointing that out)
Some people get New Yorker covers and I get this. Love the smile....
Leo Espinosa June 28, 2007
We need more freaky Lemonade Mouth in this world! More Hughes! More Hanoch! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The art looks great on the minivan... hey, is that a Massachusetts license plate I see?
Mike Moran June 28, 2007
Very cool. Between your van and Jim Paillot's van Drawger is taking over the highways! There's going to be some major rubbernecking going on!
Marc June 28, 2007
Hey, that van is a lemon!
Cathleen Toelke June 28, 2007
Wow on the teen cover, and a great book promo idea!
Cathie Bleck June 28, 2007
Now that is creative and hard work marketing! Nice to hear a story of a regular guy thinking big and getting on NPR. I hope his kids don't get sick or do some outrageous act that will be publically broadcasted...but then if they did, that would be "life" as it is.
Mark Fisher June 29, 2007
Hanoch, Fun story and cover. That trip could be the start of another book. Let us know when his radio piece airs.
Dale Stephanos June 29, 2007
Great art as always Hanoch. That looks like Mark is getting material for his next book - "Ride Your Own Wave, and Stop Asking When We'll Get There or I'll Pull This Thing Over". Good luck to him and his family.
Jim Paillot June 29, 2007
So cool. Crazy fun book and minivan. I love that family hanging out there.
Marc July 11, 2007
Hanoch—I saw the van drive right past me on Sunday afternoon here in Austin! I was walking with a buddy down 5th Street and looked up to see your illustration coming right at me. Pretty cool!