Hanoch Piven
A proud dad bragging.
posted: June 23, 2007
The graduating eight graders playing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World" Jakub's on drums....
As some smart drawgerite said what’s the point of a blog if you don’t brag about your kids?

So… Jakub my son finished Middle School.
The whole class sang and played rock versions of What a Wonderful World and of Somewhere Over the Rainbow which they prepared with their great music teacher. Jakub and classmate Nuria were chosen by their classmates to give a speech and they ended it with a poem they co-wrote. Boy were we proud! (I'm measuring my praise here cause Jakub might read this and beat me afterwards..)
The whole class sang and played music. Jakub played drums...and this is it for Middle School.
Josh McKible June 23, 2007
congrats to the proud papa
Joe Ciardiello June 23, 2007
Hanoch, congratulations to Jakub. I remember when you mentioned that he was taking up the drums.
Steve Brodner June 23, 2007
Wow. Congrats to the little fella with the soccer ball who became a Beatle. This is very cool. Hugs to him and the fam.
Edel Rodriguez June 23, 2007
Hanoch Piven June 24, 2007
thanks Josh, Joe, Steve and Edel Joe any drumming tips?
Zina Saunders June 24, 2007
Looks like fun! Congrats!
Tim O'Brien June 24, 2007
Very emotional to watch that. Tough age. He looks like he's already in highschool but that sweet song to a rock beat...it says everything. I don't know how I will be when this is my son Cassius...Crying I guess. Thanks T
Joe Ciardiello June 24, 2007
Tips? It looks like Jakub is well on his way. He's got the cool attitude down.
Robert Saunders June 25, 2007
Hanoch, kudos to Jakub. I think playing in a band as a kid must be a healthy, reinforcing activity for kids. Think how many drawgers and drawgers' kids who grew up or are playing in one. "do you Half Tones have any videos we can watch?" None that should see the light of day.