Hanoch Piven
posted: June 13, 2007
The final headline looked like that...
I love working with Richard Turley from the G2 section of The Guardian. First of all because he sounds like Hugh Grant so I feel like I'm in The Diary of Bridget Jones. But even better, he always has ideas that push me into doing things I wouldn't be doing otherwise.
A couple of months ago he had me designing candy letters and this time he asked me to write a headline with garbage, sorry make that 'rubbish'.
So I made letters separately and we put them together digitally.
Here's the article specially for Nancy.
each letter looked something like that...
or like that..
O h and I also made the cover for the G2 section. I guess every illustrator needs to make his own version of The Scream.
Here's mine.
Cathleen Toelke June 13, 2007
What a funny twist on your art. Good one! That's about the best version of The Scream I've ever seen.
Nancy Stahl June 13, 2007
Great fun..! What a nice idea to make the letters the negative space around the garbage. Any good ideas in the text for keeping down the amount of garbage? Your work is so appealing it makes me want to keep mine instead of throwing it out..!
Hanoch Piven June 13, 2007
Nancy I added a link to the article on top of the page.
laura t. June 13, 2007
looks great! i love how colorful it is for garbage :) it also kind of reminds me of my studio ^^;;
Dale Stephanos June 13, 2007
One man's garbage is another's really cool illustration. Great work Hanoch. Did you have to go digging around, or was there enough debris within arm's reach for the project?
Nancy Stahl June 13, 2007
Thanks, Hanoch..! The article didn't really have much new except that there is a newly released "glow-in-the-dark bra".
Mark Fisher June 14, 2007
Hanoch, That the letters are created by the negative space is great as well as the rotten banana eyebrows. A real scream of a piece!
Leo Espinosa June 14, 2007
I'm with the crowd. The negative space latters give the headline a great twist. I recognized the "zumo de manzana" box. I think I threw that one out at a playground close to your studio.
Hanoch Piven June 14, 2007
Leo you found the one spanish item i snuck in.. Re the negative type, it was another great idea of Richard. I was gonna do it possitive....
Peter Cusack June 14, 2007
Oh wow. that's so cool! What a great layout. The headline looks so beautiful and colorful and meticulous.
Edel Rodriguez June 16, 2007
Hanoch, very good stuff! Nice to see you doing type work. Great take on the 'Scream' too. It's hard to make that new and unexpected, but I think you did it.
David Heatley June 19, 2007
Absolutely gorgeous. Such control of composition and color, even when working with garbage! I agree about the reversed type being an unexpected and fresh twist on your style. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!