Hanoch Piven
posted: June 7, 2007
Last week I did a really fun project.
I participated in the TV program of Catalunyan TV called ‘Una Ma De Contes’ (A Hand of Stories)
The idea of the program is that while a children story is being told, an illustrator draws it. Manuel Barrios the program's director has directed close to 100 chapters of Una Ma de Contes, working with illustrators, musicians, food artists and even a magician.
So early in the morning I packed 5 bags of …stuff and there I went to the studio
And ‘drew’ the story with my objects.
The story was about a knight who doesn’t like to fight who rides a very belicose horse.
They meet a dragon lady who is really NOT into behaving like a dragon and spends most of her time taking naps.
While I was working I had to keep my head back so that it won't appear on screen and look at a little monitor to see how everything looked from above.
So the knight and the dragon lady really hit it off. (I actually suspected the knight was gay but go figure..)
Luckilly there was a punk princess around who really wanted to get into trouble
So she and the horse ran away to look for action, battles etc.
There is no unemployment in Catalunya. Everybody works for public TV.
Who says I don't know how to have fun.
Here, with Xavi the editor, we are dancing Putting on the Ritz
Roberto Parada June 7, 2007
Hanaoch, that's awesome!!!! I love the punk princess. Did you know the story that was being told well before hand? and did you have a good idea what you wanted to do before the camera started rolling?. Hanoch you don't need me to tell you that your an original. Viva Barca!!!!
Hanoch Piven June 7, 2007
Roberto yeah I knew the story and had it all sort of prepared. Still, to get the right gesture and expression the objects need to be in an exact place. While in my studio there is plenty of time to adjust things, it was very dificult to achieve that quickly under the camera...so things were a bit sloppy.
Marc Burckhardt June 7, 2007
Absolute genius, Hanoch!
Richard A Goldberg June 7, 2007
Those lucky kids. A real treasure you gave them. Great work under pressure. Were the images static or did you animate them also?
Leo Espinosa June 7, 2007
Molt xulo aixo, Janoj! La princesa Punk està molt guapa. Adeu
Adam McCauley June 7, 2007
How awesome Hanoch!!! I've done this a bunch, but with magic markers and not on tv!! That's going to be such a cool thing to see, you have to digitize it for us all and put it up when it comes out. If there's one thing kids love it seems to be seeing characters come alive in front of them. To do this using bits and objects must drive them batty with joy.
Nancy Stahl June 7, 2007
How cool..! You really get around, Hanoch. Why "Puttin' on the Ritz"? I can hear it when I look at that photo. Fun.
Edel Rodriguez June 7, 2007
Hanoch, very cool project, looking forward to seeing a video of it. Didn't you feel just a little something for the Catalan? You had a 'moment', you look so happy together.
David Goldin June 7, 2007
I loved watching stuff like this when I was little but never saw anything that cool. You should have a regular gig doing that. You were dancing the Young Frankenstein version of Putting on the Ritz, no?
Rob Dunlavey June 7, 2007
Hanoch Piven June 8, 2007
Goldin Indeed it was The Young Frankestein version, I figured that's the best we could do... Rob, I will post it when I have it but 'they' won't give it to me for a while, at least untill September. They need to do all the post production, etc..
Steve Brodner June 8, 2007
Hanoch, my friend, you have so many talents working together so beautifully. First is your great love for people, especially kids. This is miraculously expressed in your pioneering use of media, with its deceptive simplicity and accessibility. Then you have a terrific on stage presence, natural, funny. This is a great project. Please post the video when you can! Congrats, Steve
Oriol Roca June 8, 2007
Yepa!!! Chulísimo, Hanoch! Tengo muchas ganas de verlo (espero que no tengas que grabárnoslo como el otro día...muchas gracias, por cierto). Un abrazo de oso
Joe Ciardiello June 8, 2007
Brilliant! I'd love to see the finished product.
J.D. King June 9, 2007
I'm gonna move to Catalunya. It looks like fun. I'll get a TV job and work w/Hanoch!
Mark Fisher June 10, 2007
Hanoch, So much fun!