Hanoch Piven
My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks (2)
posted: May 20, 2007
With all my recent traveling,  I couldn’t get myself to post some more images from my new book which is finally out and selling. (I received some good news from the editor that they are already reprinting some more, which seems not to happen with most children books - only one out of my previous 4 made it beyond the first edition and sends royalties).
When my first book came out I was all emotional about it, feeling deeply disappointed when it didn’t become a best-seller. Now I take it less personally. My understanding of the children publishing world is that editors ‘shoot’ in all directions hoping that something will catch. Once in a while something does catch but it is usually quite impossible to predict…unless it is a book by a celebrity, which is then supported by a huge marketing campaign,  a CD version read by the celebrity etc…

Anyway,  My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks developed  from an idea by editor Annie Kelley tells the story of a girl who must add ‘stuff’ to her drawings to make them …just right.
Mark S Fisher May 20, 2007
Hanoch, What a good concept to bring one into your particular style. Congrats on a success!
Peter Hermann May 20, 2007
Nasty as canned fish! man what a line. I feel real bad for Schmutz, he can't even stand his own stink. this is some super stuff Hanoch, I hope it makes it to the top of the list.
Cathleen Toelke May 20, 2007
What a charming way to explain your way of picture-making. The layout is terrific too, with the cut-out individual drawings and objects with text. Best wishes with it!
Hal Mayforth May 20, 2007
This is a great idea, Hanoch. Congratulations! You are inspiring a whole generation.
Stephen Kroninger May 20, 2007
Great concept and execution, Hanich.I wish I would have thought of it. You're with a bunch of great people at Schwartz and Wade. Well, I only know the Schwartz part but she's terrific. Good luck with the book!
Hanoch Piven May 20, 2007
thanks guys It took me 5 books to allow myself to do something more basic for kids, and I think the editor deserves credit for this. I've always wanted to shoot 'higher'.
Zina Saunders May 21, 2007
This looks positively delightful, Hanoch. Congratulations!
Larry Ross May 21, 2007
What a riotously hilarious and inventive concept and execution! It seems like it was an obviously great idea that was just waiting to happen! And I really like the smelly title.