Hanoch Piven
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posted: May 8, 2007
The MVP family in Port Discovery....
After 15 days of being away from my family, my studio and my ‘day job’, I am more than happy to come home.
So many great images in my head (and camera) of the last two weeks and of the10 or so workshops I gave in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Washington DC and Baltimore.
Hopefully I’ll be able to post more pictures soon.

Meantime here is my favourite family from those who attended the workshops in Port Discovery. Papa Steve was so into it that he ended up making 2 images himself.
Steve showing off....
And here's Samantha with the 3 faces the family made.
(note the intentional Silence of the Lambs reference in the middle one...)
Cathie Bleck May 9, 2007
Hi Hanoch, I am so happy that we were able to catch up on your tour. Thanks for sharing you workshop.
Edel Rodriguez May 10, 2007
These pictures and stories from your workshops always make me happy, thanks for putting them up. It shows how art can touch regular people. I love all of these, thanks!
mauricio planel rossiello May 14, 2007
Hola, te felicito por tu collages son geniales.