Hanoch Piven
If you're in Baltimore..
posted: May 3, 2007
All this 'garbage' is waiting just for YOU!...
I will be doing workshops in Port Discovery Museum
on Sunday May 6th from 1 to 5 PM.

If you're around come say hi!

Here's more information about the event.

Port Discovery is located at
35 Market Place
here's some more 'garbage'...
and more......
and yet some more......
Seen in the American School of Guatemala last week....
I'm adding this one answering Carl's question re how does the junk get collected. I forward a list and start pushing everybody to get as much stuff as possible.
Here's the way they collected stuff for my recent visit to the American School of Guatemala. The director there, Mrs Ettie Zilber did an amazing job of getting everyone to contribute and they now have junk for the next 10 years!
Carl Wiens May 3, 2007
Hanoch, I love your work and these workshops you do look like a real blast. As you bounce around the globe - do you carry all this stuff with you? Who finds this stuff? Do you forward a list? Look at those bins!
Hanoch Piven May 3, 2007
Carl hi! look for my answer up there. I added an explanation.
Nancy Stahl May 3, 2007
Workshop and recycling project all in one..! These kids are in for a big treat from what I've seen you post on your workshops.
Adam McCauley May 3, 2007
How cool to have Hanoch come to your country and help you have fun making stuff! I bet the junk is cooler in Guatemala than in Baltimore though.
Bob Staake May 3, 2007
hanoch: how do you find the TIME to do these workshops? i can BARELY schedule in an hour when i'm asked to talk before a group! bs
Mike Moran May 3, 2007
Darn my wife had a family banquet in Baltimore this weekend that we decided not to go. If I knew about it earlier, that would have given me a incentive to go down!
Steve Brodner May 3, 2007
Hanoch: This is brilliant. Art leads the green revolution! Good luck in Baltimore. Steve
Jim Paillot May 3, 2007
I'm so jealous! I haven't been there in years. I worked with Disney Imagineering and helped design Port Discovery but it's been awhile since I've been there. For all I know it's redesigned and refurbished. Oh, man. Those kids are going to have a great time with you, Hanoch!! I wanna play, too!!
Hanoch Piven May 3, 2007
Just back from Cathie Bleck's opening...Beautiful Work! Staake, maybe that's the secret of why you do 5 books a year and I do only one...