Hanoch Piven
Bush in jail in Costa Rica
posted: April 25, 2007
The Wonderful Museo de los Niņos located in an old jail...
I just finished two days of workshops for children in the Museo de los Niños in San Jose, Costa Rica, where a show of my work is being exhibited.
The museum is in this amazing fortress, which used to be a jail until 1979.
After having being empty for some years it was renovated as a Cultural Center 13 years ago. The building houses the National Gallery and the Children Museum.

The inside of the building is kept in very much the way it was, so there are cells with bars where the artwork is shown.
So check this out: W Bush shares a cell with Clinton and Liz Taylor....
oh oh..look who else shares the cell...
Sweet Maria Jose with her dog....
The kids were so warm and wonderful. I will soon post some of their great work in the galleries.
It is night time now and the guard locks all the cells.
Good night W, Clinton, Liz.
Dale Stephanos April 25, 2007
My money's on Clinton. I say W gets sold to Liz for a carton of cigarettes within a day. Really, though Hanoch, this is cool. These are lucky kids. It must be a lot of fun for you to turn them on to a new way to be creative.
David Flaherty April 25, 2007
Pretty Neat Hanoch!
Steve Brodner April 25, 2007
Hanoch: This whole thing is very surreal. And these kids look like they've had the best time. And the art is very cool. Especially the kid who made a line drawing out of string. Keep up the wonderful work! Steve
Stephen Kroninger April 26, 2007
Hanging Saddam Hussein adds an extra bit of ghoulishness to your visual punning. Great stuff, Hanoch.
Mark Fisher April 26, 2007
Hanoch, great looking jail house. I had no idea your work was so large, I should have realized that from the objects you use. It all looks so good behind bars. Can't wait to see more of the kids work
Hal Mayforth April 26, 2007
Very cool, Hanoch. Those are some very lucky kids. H.
Christoph Hitz April 26, 2007
Hanoch, It looks like You having all the fun. The kids are just beaming.
Hanoch Piven April 26, 2007
This is so cool..Im in the airport in San Salvador on my way to Guatemala for more workshops...free internet connection so here I am in Drawger. thanks for the comments guys Perhaps just to clarify two things: a: the cells are open so you a viewer can get near the W and Clinton etc. (they are locked only at night) b: these are not the original pieces but prints.
Shimon Rivera April 29, 2007
Simple- Wonderful. Maravilloso trabajo Hanoch