Hanoch Piven
The Ken Smith Chronicles continued
posted: April 25, 2007
this was probably the first time I retouched something in Photoshop. Crazy deadline, the image was already photographed, we didn't like the background color so Ken helped me with some Photoshop tips....
Here continuing the thread started by Adam McCauley  celebrating an AD we illustrators loved to work with, Ken Smith, from Time magazine.
It was always challenging, exciting and scary (36-48 hours deadline) but above all calm and friendly.
Here are some of the pieces I did for Ken. My all time favourite is the Unabomber. and boy we did have one big failure: I couldn't get Forrest Gump to look like himself...so Ken ended up executing this other idea he had in his head: A Forrest Gump color by numbers portrait.

the Pope visiting New York City in 1995...
Sorry I only have a very lowres on my laptop of this one....a bit difficult to see. Dick Cheney having heart problems....
did I do this one for you Ken..? (or you were on vacation that week..?)...
Zina Saunders April 25, 2007
I love your Pope! And the others, too; in fact, I love ALL your stuff!
Dale Stephanos April 25, 2007
Hanoch, these are all brilliant. I remember that Unabomber. What a blast (sorry) to look at. I meant to comment on your Yeltsin the other day too. I remember seeing that and actually doing a coffee spit.
David Flaherty April 25, 2007
great stuff.
Tim O'Brien April 25, 2007
I talked to my mom last night. She sometimes gives me a review of my Drawger pages but last night said that she enjoys other people here too. She mentioned you Hanoc in particular. I agree of course. My mom likes you more. I'm off to therapy now.
Hanoch Piven April 25, 2007
funny you should mention this Tim but every time I look at your pages, I feel like calling my ex therapist again. there is a comic book idea there..
Adam McCauley April 25, 2007
All great of course Hanoch! I love the description of working with Ken.
Steve Brodner April 25, 2007
No wonder she loves Hanoch. Tell from us to give her boy a break.
Tim O'Brien April 25, 2007
Truthfully, mommy loves me best... The cool thing is that she is enjoying other people and the humor throughout Drawger.
Cathleen Toelke April 25, 2007
..the pope visiting NYC LOL! They're all wonderful, Hanoch.
Mark Fisher April 25, 2007
Hanoch, Unibomber and the pope are so well done.
Jim Paillot April 25, 2007
Oh, man. Really fun stuff. That Pope pleases me.