Hanoch Piven
Boris Yeltsin 1931-2007
posted: April 24, 2007
The wave of Russian immigration to Israel in the eighties and nineties brought many Russian food stores. In one of them, in Shouk Hakarmel in Tel Aviv I bought the Russian cold cuts used for Yeltsin's face. It ran in Haaretz in 1999

(here are more Yeltsins by Tim O'Brien.)
Nancy Stahl April 24, 2007
Best use of cold cuts I've ever seen..! Love the liquor bottle eyes, Hanoch..!
Roberto Parada April 24, 2007
Hanoch, I remember seeing that in an illustration annual a few years ago. It's so clever!!! those cold cuts are just the absolute perfect fit for yeltsins red face. It's pure genius. Thanks for posting this in light of his death
Tim O'Brien April 24, 2007
Thanks for the reference Hanoch. This, like all of your work, is just fantastic. As a teacher I push and try to move my students to explore finding their own voice. I have to admit I NEVER suggested they visit the deli counter. Just Great!
Adam McCauley April 24, 2007
Hanoch, I never saw this one. It's simply brilliant!
Robert Saunders April 24, 2007
I imagine, Hanoch, that one of the problems working on this piece was keeping the meats fresh without curling and discoloration at the edges (the mouth with sausage skin is terrific). Or did you refrigerate it during breaks? Great job.
Cathleen Toelke April 24, 2007
Wonderful. I love the baloney and the two little nips for eyes. Yes, please tell us how you deal with the fresh food. You must be very fast. My good friend, Joan Steiner, uses food in her intricate object work, but I don't think she's ever used fresh food. She often uses cookies, crackers and candy. Still, much of her work must be dismantled, to the chagrin of those who wish she would exhibit it! It's fun to run into her when she "shops".
Stephen Kroninger April 24, 2007
Great work as always, Hanoch. This one is special (both you and the piece).
Hanoch Piven April 24, 2007
how do i deal with fresh food? not very well. every time I have one of the 'live' pieces my studio stincks. I think at times I will do the piece with some pieces of meat and then before I go to my photographer (can you imagine getting in a taxi carrying this..) I exchange it for fresh pieces. but then for many days my studio still carries the smell. thanks for all the nice words.. and Cathleen please tell Joan I love her books and have used images from them in my presentations as samples of other artists who work with objects.
Gilad Greenbaum April 24, 2007
Hanoch, I am overwhelmed once again with your creativity. Thanks for the pleasure, I enjoy so much from your artwork.
Edel Rodriguez April 24, 2007
Hanoch, one of your best images. Your ideas are really terrific.
Walter Vasconcelos April 24, 2007
Hanoch,great work...creative as always.
randy April 24, 2007
One question.....did you eat Yeltsin afterward?
A.Richard Allen April 25, 2007
Edel says it's one of your best. I reckon it's your wurst... (sorry, I'm a dad- corny puns are my stock-in-trade now) As ever, the very essence of visual wit, Hanoch. Superb.
Lou Brooks April 25, 2007
Hanoch, you are the zen master of cold cuts and other foods. Amazing art. I'm so slow with my work, I'm wondering how you get everything just so perfect before the flies arrive (which would be the biggest hurdle for me).