Hanoch Piven
Make it four, O'Brien
posted: April 11, 2007
Erich Von Daniken who wrote Chariots of The Gods made for Die Weltwoche...
Never thought Ill post this one until today
following Staake's and Edel's and Richard and..MArk and Adam...post  (hey there's more than 4 there!)
here's one of my childhood heroes, Erich Von Daniken who had me believe every word he wrote...and since then I was DONE with Science Fiction.
Marc April 11, 2007
hanoch, I got sucked in to his writing when i was a kid as well, with the same result. Can't stand science fiction! Nice piece.
Stephen Kroninger April 11, 2007
Philip K Dick
Dale Stephanos April 11, 2007
Tim must be sleeping it off. Nice one!
randy April 12, 2007
Pretty damn good for such a short illustrator.
www.oktomannota.com April 18, 2007
nice job , i share your joice, wounderful
Hanoch Piven April 18, 2007
Hi oktomannota checked that link but ....nada...