Hanoch Piven
The cat came back
posted: April 5, 2007
maybe like this...?...
Part of why it takes me so long to do a book..I come to the studio, hate the cat from yesterday, try another way to do it.
Also Janet, my dear wife, a real cat connoisseur, gave a hard time about not addressing that Devon Rex cats are famous for their curly fur texture.
(so this post is to show Janet I do listen to her..)
or maybe like this?...
showdown in the studio...
Thank god a frog stopped by to save the day...
Marc Burckhardt April 5, 2007
Great frog (and nice cat, too!). Pressure is on.......
David Goldin April 5, 2007
Your cat is purrrrfect, but your frog is brilliant.
Edel Rodriguez April 5, 2007
Hanoch, Janet is right, just this one time! This cat is cool.
Leo Espinosa April 6, 2007
cool. cool cat!