Hanoch Piven
A cat's a cat and that is that.
posted: April 4, 2007
A Devon Rex...
Inspired by Mr Staake here's an image from my book in progress...actually what I was working on today.
The book is about cats....and this is a Devon Rex, a very energetic and athletic cat called sometimes a "cross between a cat and a monkey"
Cathleen Toelke April 4, 2007
I have a special affinity for black cats (I had two that lived to ripe old ages). He looks confused about his identity! Nice touch!
Bob Staake April 4, 2007
wonderful as always, hanoch. can't wait to see the complete book!
David Goldin April 4, 2007
Scott Bakal April 4, 2007
Ha! Mr. Piven...it looks as if that cat was knocked upside the head there...very nice.
J.D. King April 5, 2007
Cats say PURRR!!! Monkeys say EEP! EEP!
Hal Mayforth April 5, 2007
Now there's a cat that can't stay out of trouble if I ever saw one. Keep us posted on this project, Hanoch. My interest is piqued. H.