Hanoch Piven
posted: March 31, 2007
this is still in pre-adolescence times in Uruguay, before 'trouble' began. Couldn't find a later picture....
A couple of years ago I was offered to participate in a documentary film about short men by Edan Alterman, a well known Israeli actor, comedian and all around talented and funny guy (who happens to be..short).
Even though been short has had a big effect in my life, in the development of my personality and probably a HUGE effect in my artistic development, I declined to participate, and I don't remember even why. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon the finished film in Edan's blog.
It is very touching and I am sorry not to have participated in it. In the film a teenager who is short says the smartest line: "I know when I'll be a grown up everything is going to be ok and height won't be that important anymore, but I want to be taller NOW, when it matters" That sentence carries the pain of the short male teenager which is stronger than any rational and logical existential thinking.

Height is still an issue in a funny way in our household since Jakub my 13 year old son is now way taller than me. (and of almost everybody else in his class, in adition to being a real hunk) I am obviously SO happy he is not going through the same pain I went as a teenager and yet every now and then I find myself telling him: 'dorothy' beware: while you are basking on your popularity, the 'short', the 'nerds' and all the other non-popular in the social periphery might be just working harder than you and eventually they'll get their 'revenge'.

If I need to connect all this to illustration..I must say that I have always noticed the high percentage of short illustrators and caricaturists. Does anybody know of a caricaturist who was the quarterback or the captain of the high school team?

Here's 'Short', the film, it is in Hebrew with English subtitles. http://www.notes.co.il/alterman/27320.asp
Nancy Stahl March 31, 2007
Thanks, Hanoch, I really enjoyed the film. Your photo is great.. was that a school uniform or a yo-yo master's tie? Is that you in the center? Or are you on the right?
hanoch Piven March 31, 2007
Nancy Im the...short one.
randy March 31, 2007
Personally, at the illustrators' shows, I always try to stand next to Barry Blitt and Joe Ciardiello because They are the only illustrators I know that are shorter than me.....it makes me feel tall.
Cathleen Toelke March 31, 2007
That's a wonderful film. As for any the teens who gave you trouble in your younger life, you showed them, and did it internationally. Wow!
barry blitt April 1, 2007
Sheesh Randy, I thought you liked me for my personality...
Hanoch Piven April 1, 2007
Hurry! everyone! Blitt is in my blog! yeaaaahhh! I knew height issues were gonna bring him out of the cave. Nancy this was the robe we wore in primary school in Uruguay, with a blue bow or tie. and Randy I honestly didn't know anything about your vertically challenged issues.
Leo Espinosa April 6, 2007
Uruguay? You've been all over the map, Hanoch. The short "Short" is anything but that! I loved it.