Hanoch Piven
More reports on Workshops
posted: March 30, 2007
Since I am now preparing more workshops, allow me to indulge and include one more clip from the Cancer patients workshops I held this past year in hospitals throughout Israel. This news report shows the opening of the exhibition which was held on top of the Azriely Tower, the semi-tallest building in Tel Aviv. You can see different people (non artists in their daily life) talking about their creations. For the non Hebrew speakers, the speakers are explaining why they chose this and why they chose that. That is in my eyes, the beauty of these workshops: after people work they LOVE talking about their creations. It helps people bringing out stuff. HOT TV report by Idit Haberfeld
Roberto Parada March 30, 2007
Hanoch, I commend you for your compassion and the way you give. I think this just a wonderful exhibition. Art really does capture truth. Although I don't understand hebrew I felt like I knew what these cancer surviors were saying. You the Man Hanoch!!!!!!
Hanoch Piven March 30, 2007
Roberto, I dont think Im The Man and I feel like I gained as much as what I gave. As you know (and I have experienced that in an obviously different level) it is very easy, for better or worse, to dive into the emotions connected to the sickness. Personally, watching these videos, charges me with energy to do more of them. I do seriously recommend to all illustrators to try to do some kind of socially involved work. Im sure whoever has done it knows the satisfaccion it brings. I sort of stumbled upon it..but was one of these lucky brakes.