Hanoch Piven
Giant Steps by Michal Levy
posted: March 25, 2007
Still enjoying the remarkable and creative people I met at Kinnernet last weekend.
Michal Levy for example is a Saxophonist and Graphic Designer. Here's a beautiful visual interpretation she made for John Coltrane's Giant Steps.
In the camp Michal premiered her new animated short which is even more stunning.
Please take the 2 minutes to watch this beauty. Believe me you won't regret the time spent there.

Leo Espinosa March 25, 2007
Qué pasada! Never thought Coltrane could give me vertigo. Really, really cool.
Steve Brodner March 25, 2007
Hanoch: This is a friggin' masterpiece. I am laughing my head off at this. Maybe this will be the first Flash Oscar. Thanks so much. I'm sending this to everybody. Steve
Nishan Akgulian March 25, 2007
Thanks for posting, Hanoch. That was brilliant. Loved watching it.
Randall Enos March 25, 2007
Hanoch, Thanks for this...it's lovely...well worth watching.
Richard Allen March 26, 2007
Superb. And for a non-Jazz-nik like me, scarily engaging on the music side (Yikes! Don't tell me I'm suddenly Getting Jazz!)