Hanoch Piven
Kinnernet 2007
posted: March 17, 2007
I spent the last three days in the Kinnernet UnConvention, which is a gathering of 300 hundred techno-geeks, artists and "just-plain-fun" people which takes place on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret in Hebrew) in Israel.
The event included so many fun events all originated by the participants: from Power Tools Car Racing to "Hummus 1.0: The right way to eat your Hummus" Workshop. Robots, gadgets, jugglers, BBQ's at 2AM etc etc.
The event organizers believe that 3 days of fun and collaboration of creative people in a really nice place, will get amazing ideas going.
I came back charged with energy and humbled by the amount of smart people I saw there.

photo by Deb Schultz
In the conference each participant is supposed to show and present something. I created a 'live' portrait of Yossi Vardi who established the event 4 years ago.
It was the first time I made a live demonstration....which made me realize the power of ...rehearsals!

Photo by Yaniv Golan)
..and this is Yossi Vardi made in 1 minute. (remember: rehearsals!)

Photo by Yaniv Golan
and then I gave a workshop...and look what these geeks made:
a head whose ears open and close!

photo by ZeN workshop
Cathleen Toelke March 17, 2007
That sounds like a cool event, Hanoch. I love the word "Unconvention"...it definitely sets a good tone right out of the gate! Your process makes for a great live creation. I like how you included your big pile of "stuff"!
Laura Levine March 17, 2007
Hey Hanoch, did you make sure to use kosher hot dogs for his eyebrows? : )
David Goldin March 17, 2007
"look what the geeks made..." that alone is the title of a best seller.
Yaniv Golan March 19, 2007
Hanoch, loved your workshop, it was awesome and inspiring - and it was a pleasure to meet you!
mel rosenberg April 3, 2007
You are a gem of a guy. loved meeting you at Kinnernet. Keep facing up to everything and everyone, hag sameach