Hanoch Piven
What ?!?
posted: March 12, 2007
This guy is part of an illustration I just finished about connectivity .
Such overeacting character.
David Goldin March 12, 2007
I like how one eye is bigger than the other. Are tube socks back in fashion?
Steve Wacksman March 12, 2007
Um...tube socks went out of fashion?
Hanoch Piven March 12, 2007
Um..what are tube socks?
J.D. King March 12, 2007
Cute little guy! And he's wearing aqua creepers!
Adam McCauley March 12, 2007
Yeah, just don't poke him in the eye though! Great character, Hanoch.
daveB March 12, 2007
cool! wasn't this guys cousin hanging all over Boston and freaking out the beantowners who thought he was a blinking bomb?
Mark Fisher March 13, 2007
Hanoch, Very funny, I got a charge out of this.