Hanoch Piven
Ana draws with candy...
posted: March 8, 2007
dog on wood....
2:30 AM, just back from watching The Lives of Others. wow!
Watching such a perfect story makes me optimistic....
so I dont know why it made me think of Ana's recent candy drawings...
here they are...maybe its the optimism.
girl jumping rope next to candy pile collected in last week's neighbourhood's fiesta....
Nancy March 8, 2007
The dog with its tongue hanging out is fantastic... and the figure cut off by the rug. Too funny..! How old is Anna? And the jump rope girl's yellow shoes are perfect.
Steve Brodner March 9, 2007
Hanoch: These are beautiful and sweet, like Ana.
A.Richard Allen March 9, 2007
V cute. That's the only reason I had kids- so as I could farm out some of my work;)
Hanoch Piven March 9, 2007
well as Norman Rockwell said: 'in case of doubt add a cute dog'..in weeks in which I don't feel too happy with my work..I add a kid picture or kid drawing. Now I'm trying to convince my pre-teen boy Jakub to contribute something but in his eyes I'm too nerdy to be associated with.
Zina Saunders March 9, 2007
SO funny and sweet!