Hanoch Piven
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posted: March 7, 2007
Almost ten (!!) years ago, Haa'retz newspaper in Israel in which I had a regular column, decided to use my work in their advertising campaign. The newspaper had recently started printing in color, and wanted to get rid an (unjustified) image of an old fashion B&W newspaper for old people. So billboards were put up in town and TV ads were made. (by Shachar Segal, one of Israel's leading commercials directors) oh and the idea was conceived by ad man 'Mr' Mordi Amar. This specific one departed from my illustration of Arie Der'i. Der'i was the interior minister of Israel in the Netanyahu government. A very skilled and powerful politician and the leader of Shas party, a religious sepharadic party which emerged in the nineties, Der'i was accused and convicted on several corruption case and served in prison for some years. This ad ran while the trial was going on, has a sepharadic-tune prayer for forgiveness as soundtrack and you can see my face for a second there blowing the red paprika away from the tie.
An Ha'aretz poster near the Tel Aviv beach....
And this is my favourite poster location..Haffez Al'Assad and babe....
Rob Dunlavey March 7, 2007
That's an intriguing commercial. Makes your process magical and theatrical. Love the shot of your Assad and the babe!
Steve Brodner March 7, 2007
Hanoch: The poetry of this film attempts to match the poetry of your work. I love the respect and seriousness with which it treats the art. Very beautiful, my friend. Congrats.
Cathleen Toelke March 7, 2007
It's fascinating that they would use your work in that way. Really wonderful.
Robert Saunders March 7, 2007
Wild, scathing stuff, Hanoch...simply jaw-dropping. And an interesting new window on your work. You've had some great opportunities for showcasing it. Now if they can only get that guy singing the soundtrack to sing on key, that ad should be good to go...or wait, it's supposed to be out of tune, right? :)
Hanoch Piven March 7, 2007
Its a prayer Robert, do you think God cares about singing on key? its the intention that counts! There was definitely a glamorizing intention in some of these ads. I refused to appear in any setting that wasn't a real one. So there is this other ad where 'piven' is a tall muscular handsome artist working in a huge loft creating..'art' while suffering.
laura l March 7, 2007
Mazel Tov! That's pretty daring stuff for a newspaper campaign. I also love how big the PIVEN name is in the poster.
J.D. King March 7, 2007
BEAUTIFUL! And now we know where the good jobs are hiding in plain view: Israel!
Leo Espinosa March 7, 2007
Super! The hebrew text (for us that can't read it) adds a great visual touch to your work. It's like the letters are part of the collage.
John Dykes March 7, 2007
Fabulous! Congrats, Hanoch... Transcending illustration.
Christoph Hitz March 7, 2007
Hanoch, 10 years is a long time in the fast pace image world, Your posters and the movie still look very hip today.
turcios March 8, 2007
Mark Fisher March 8, 2007
Hanoch, A fine little movie to show the construction process. Great work!