Hanoch Piven
Ronaldinho !
posted: February 26, 2007
A lazy monday morning, grey jobs to deal with, still with a slight hang-over from a visit to Camp Nou to watch a good Barça game last night (3-0 against Athletic) So if J.D does the music clip thingy, I might as well do the football clip thingy. here's Ronnie + Samba.
J.D. King February 26, 2007
Hey! Ya snuck some music on there!
Peter Hermann February 26, 2007
You lucky bastard Hanoch. Last thing I heard was some idiot writing Ronaldinho was getting fat. Ronaldinho is positive energy to the game, which I'm sure you felt last night. So what if he didn't get closer to the goal in the clip, it still looks cool. Do you go to all their home games? a very jealous drawger.
Hanoch Piven February 26, 2007
no Peter, I actually seldom go. When I do I am either invited by my friend Agus or convinced it is a must see game..but yes there is magical energy sometimes there specially nowadays. Being a football fan and living in Barcelona you end up watching a decent amount of games throughout the years.
A.Richard Allen February 26, 2007
The Camp Nou is a truly spectacular stadium. Last time I was there, though, it felt like the home of too many big clubs- spoilt, jaded local fans getting on the team's back too quickly and the place half full of tourists. A real contrast was visiting Girona's miniscule ground a week or so before. The local tourist information office thought me and my wife were mad for wanting to go there (they kept saying, 'surely you want to see Barca?') but the game was brilliant. Ok, no samba skills but loads of goals, passionate fans, controversial incidents, the (manual) scoreboard operator getting it wrong, floodlight failure. Have you been to Valencia's stadium, Hanoch? That's the steepest, most vertigo inducing ground I've ever sat in!
Rob Dunlavey February 26, 2007
Hanoch, this is a nice touch of sunshine in the dog days of late winter (here in New England). Just spectacular!
Hanoch Piven February 26, 2007
Richard you are totally right about your impression of the stadium. Most of the crowd is far from being blue-collar as perhaps in other stadiums. (Having been also in these..I am actually not sure what's better..) People are spoiled and demanding and do not stand not unconditionally behind the team as the Brittish fans are. It is quite a burgeous scene...for better or worse. and...a little confession..theclip is not from yesterday's game but from 3 years back..couldnt find anything new in youtube..I figured (rightly) most people wouldn't notice.. but remorse was killing me..
A.Richard Allen February 26, 2007
It's an interesting topic- the bourgeois-ification of football and there are plenty of British stadia where the same thing is happening- clubs catering for corporate fans, tv saturation of games making fans lazy and complacent, ticket prices skyrocketing, excluding a whole swathe of supporters... Despite me getting all wistful about Girona- it's easy to be enchanted my exotically working class things in another country- I think that sometimes sitting in comfy seats and seeing skillful football is preferable to rubbing shoulders with hate-filled neanderthals- however 'authentic' an experience it might be!
Jon Berkeley February 27, 2007
Great clip, Hanoch. What sets players like Ronaldinho apart, even (especially) for soccer illiterates like me, is the grace and humour of their play - a much rarer quality even than blinding skill. Made me look up some old George Best clips. Hard to find one without schmaltsy music, but I guess that shows just how loved he was on and off the pitch. ...and my favourite Best quote: 'I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars - the rest I just squandered.'
hanoch February 27, 2007
wow Jon didnt think a Brittish player could play like that... I don´t think Ive ever watch George Best.. thanks for the link Hanoch
Jon Berkeley February 27, 2007
He was a Belfast man, so equally claimed by Irish and English, especially at his peak! He played for Man U in the 60s and 70s, and was known as the Fifth Beatle due to swinging lifestyle off the pitch. This led to a drink problem which eventually killed him in 2005. I have a tribute DVD which I'll lend you next time I see you. Poetry in Motion doesn't begin to cover it!