Hanoch Piven
Carnaval !!
posted: February 16, 2007
Ana Piven first to the left. Spagetti and then Fish. Fruit for dessert. A well balanced meal....
Ana's class dressed as a 'Balanced Meal' today for the Carnaval (called Carnestoltes here) school parade.
The teachers in the school design every year different costumes. This year the theme was foods.
At the end of the parade 'carnestoltes' is burnt in the school's patio.
A figure is made to symbolize something to be 'burnt' and destroyed. This year it was....a mouth eating BAD foods.
No children were burnt......
sorry....couldn't help myself adding another Ana....
and here are the paella people specially for Ms L.L....
Cathleen Toelke February 16, 2007
Hi Hanoch, How are you? This is a hoot! I remember your little daughter, and it looks like she's going to a very creative school; the costumes are really beautiful. Could the teachers have been influenced by Dad's illustration? I keep looking closer; the silvery fish, clean shapes--did you have a hand in this, or is it the other way around? Best, Cathleen
A.Richard Allen February 16, 2007
Too cute! Reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes strip (quickly Googles...) Susie: Do you have your line memorized for the nutrition play, Calvin? Calvin: I'm still learning it. Being an onion is a difficult role, you know. What are you? Susie: I'm "fat." Calvin: No, I mean in the play. Susie: Anyone ELSE want to say it?!? Calvin: Aackk! Understudy! Understudy!
Jim Paillot February 16, 2007
Oh, man. These pics are about a 10 on the cuteness meter. So funny!
Hanoch Piven February 16, 2007
These teachers are incredible..they have been doing this parade for 35 years (many of them have even been in the school for that long) they work on it for a long time and they have to help 20 kids make their costume. I think these pictures don't do justice to the colors that fill the 'streets' (well Im not sure about plural here, they go around the school's block). I need to find the paella kids with the lobster on their heads. I didn't have anything to do with it..my only contribution was talking one teacher into doing the chicken leg. (ah and I brought the book 'Play with your Food' to school)
laura (I'm hungry) l. February 16, 2007
These are great! I especially love The March of the Carrots and the Drumstick Brigade. Ana is adorable, as she always is. Find the Paella People, I'd love to see them!
Mark Fisher February 16, 2007
Hanoch, Wonderful! Love the shrimp. As W.C. Fields said "I love children... boiled."
Robert Saunders February 16, 2007
Aw, Anna's cute as a button, Hanoch, even if she were dressed in trans-fats, sugars, and processed starches. Lovely pics, man. Drumsticks never looked so good! Glad to hear no children were harmed in the making of this parade.
Nancy Stahl February 16, 2007
As cute as an artichoke..! Love the paella. And the carrots are too sweet..!
Tim O'Brien February 16, 2007
Wow , she looks like you. Dare I say cute! Extremely so! Cool school parade too. Cassius, (my son) just did a play about the Dutch in NYC. Really useful information!
Richard Downs February 16, 2007
Hi Hanoch, Those costumes are amazing, your daughter is so cute. They don't burn things in america like that, I love it! the paella hats are the best!- my daughter is 16 , yours will grow quick, enjoy it!-d
Leo Espinosa February 28, 2007
Genial. Guardame una de esas gambas gigantes y una alcachofa de la Ana!