Hanoch Piven
London Calling
posted: February 15, 2007
Tried to make the lad look British...
A quick overnight job for The Guardian about British lads eating more and more sugary stuff. (even fruits are getting sweeter)
Every now and then a call comes where everything goes the right way and there is wonderful trust and good energy with the AD (Richard Turley who sounds like Hugh Grant in this case) and even a really rushed job goes well.
and it was even more fun to write the headline with candy...love those colorfully wrapped 'generic' candies. I got them in a Japanese store in... Sao Paolo
Zina Saunders February 15, 2007
Very fun! Yummy!
Leo Espinosa February 15, 2007
Steve Wacksman February 15, 2007
Nice piece, as always, but I LOVE the type!
David Flaherty February 15, 2007
What do your kids (I think you have kids right?) do to your art after it's photographed Hanoch?!
Hanoch Piven February 15, 2007
my kids are away in Military School! (actually my son IS away with his school skiing in Andorra) but believe me you dont want to eat any of this..after it goes through glue guns and blue tack.
Edel Rodriguez February 15, 2007
Hanoch, this made me smile right away, thanks! The blue background really makes things pop and gives the whole thing a retro look. Great job with the type too.
Gary Taxali February 15, 2007
Hiya Hanoch! I've been to Hanoch's World in Barcelona and it's so cool - kind of like Dr. Frankenstein's lab (a drawer full of arms, another full of noses, a third full of springs)!! And great piece man - I'm loving the type too. Cheers Gary
piven February 15, 2007
Mr Taxali himself visiting my page..what an honour!
laura l. February 15, 2007
Larry Ross February 15, 2007
Funny visual! The kid looks slightly sick to his stomach which is a nice touch.
Mike Moran February 15, 2007
Tasty ... and funny