Hanoch Piven
Seen in the house
posted: February 13, 2007
Since we always have two rolls ready around the toilet, faces keep appearing there......
This guy is responsible for my Yasser Arafat unshaven look....
A Unicorn in the kitchen?...
Steve Brodner February 13, 2007
Hanoch: This is a trip inside your mind. It suggests a film. A camera follows you around all day and sees the world like this, through your eyes. Very magical.
Jon Berkeley February 13, 2007
Hanoch- I'll swap you a pack of razors for your next prescription.
A.Richard Allen February 13, 2007
I was just glad that- off the back of Linzie's memorable rendition of Edgar Alan Poe- the accidental face wasn't to found down the pan...
David Goldin February 13, 2007
Do you get stage fright being watched all the time?
Leo Espinosa February 13, 2007
Hanoch, Have you seen the Drawger shows at the bottom of the home page. Nancy has a great one of found faces. You could add these beauties to it. PS: You forgot to put down the seat last time. -Your toilete pooch.
Hanoch Piven February 13, 2007
Now I remember somebody told me about that gallery of found faces... finally saw it and all the other great Drawger Shows..(I had this "great idea" of hosting a "your worst illustration show" ..damn! ) seems like Im behind here.. anyway, these will be added there.
turcios February 15, 2007
increible tu ojo. abrazo!