Hanoch Piven
Workshop in Israeli Hospital
posted: January 16, 2007
Here's a report from Israeli TV about one of the Workshops I conducted with Cancer patients in September 2006 in Israel. (thanks again to Roche for sponsoring them!) This one took place in Haifa. For those of you still not totally fluent in Hebrew, people are refering to their actual looks, or explaining why they chose specific objects. One of the participants chose to make a portrait of Hassan Nassralah, who was a very popular choice in my workshops this past summer. (As the Art Therapists explained, it is always easier to deal with the external enemy). You can also watch the Head Nurse of the department who made an amazing self portrait. Following the workshop we held a small round of 'show and tell' where everybody talked about their portraits and the elements that composed them. It was a heart warming experience for all of us and I hope you can get some of the feeling even without the language.
Leo January 16, 2007
This is really moving Hanoch. I take this a lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing with them and with us. (I need to watch it again, I was reading the captions backwards, duh ;-)
Steve Brodner January 16, 2007
Hanoch: This is such good work. You can see in their faces what a wonderful balm this is to them. And their art is hilarious! This is what it's about, my friend. Being a conduit for truth and healing. You are a great inspiration to artists everywhere, whether they've ever made a picture yet or not. Steve
Robert Saunders January 16, 2007
Once again I have to say, Bravo, Hanoch. You've got something going here that is very inspiring.
Hanoch Piven January 16, 2007
thanks guys. It's important for me to share this part of my working life which is so different from the typical illustrator's life so since this blog allows it, bare with me if every now and then I bring some workshop thingy. Had this for a while and finally figured out how to embed a clip.
Stephen Kroninger January 16, 2007
Great work! great man!
Hanoch Piven January 16, 2007
ok..ok..stephen.. now its almost getting embarassing... I think Im going back to post the shitting figures and making farting sounds....its safer ground.
Edel Rodriguez January 20, 2007
Hanoch, it's very emotional to watch this, thanks for bringing happiness to these people's lives. Very proud of what you're able to do with your work.