Hanoch Piven
posted: January 8, 2007
The hospital material ended in a new place....
Here's a gallery of work done by participants in my workshops with cancer patients during 2006. These workshops have been an amazingly gratifying adition to my life.
Last year I first did a series of workshops in the Oncological department at Schneider Childrens Hospital in Petach Tikva, Israel, working with 3 Art Therapists (Orna Meguides, Yehudith Shalev and Shani LItman). The workshops were with cancer patients (young kids and teenagers) and with the medical staff.
Later on I did another series of workshops working with adult patients and their medical staff as well, in 5 different hospitals thoughout Israel. This last series was sponsored by pharmaceutical company (Roche) in what I thought was a terrific project for the community.
I will follow up this post with others telling more about what I have learnt in these workshops. (there is an amazing therapeutic power to drawing with objects) But meanwhile here's a new gallery to your right.
Most of this I should tell were done by adult and teenagers. In my next post I will put more work done by kids.
Zina Saunders January 8, 2007
These are fantastic, Hanoch! Did the patients do these images? They're amazing! How did you conduct the workshop? Did you bring a whole bunch of different objects and supplies for the patients to use? Or did you make the piece during the workshop, with their input? Simply wonderful!
Hanoch Piven January 8, 2007
just to be clear, they were done by the patients, NOT by me. We had many many many objects which is the key for a succesful workshop. You sort of let the objects do the talking and the leading. The first part of the workshop is me showing my work and getting them going on the idea of drawing without a pencil or a brush, and then they work with very little intervention by me.
Zina Saunders January 8, 2007
Thanks for explaining, Hanoch. Their pieces are just terrific, don't you think? It must be so gratifying for you to conduct these workshops.
Mike Moran January 8, 2007
These are so nice. I'm sure there were plenty of smiles at the workshop. Glad to see you are doing such a wonderful thing! Hats off to you!
David Goldin January 8, 2007
What a great project, and great thing to do. That first image is very intense. Thanks for this post, you deserve a "hats off to you" and 3 "atta boys".
piven January 8, 2007
as a matter of fact I could (if I could that is) take half a year off and just do workshops..this is how gratifying and meaningful they are. goldin what are "atta boys"..? not descendants of Mohamed Atta I hope p
Steve Brodner January 8, 2007
Hanoch: Congratulations on this. It is wonderful achievement. What you've done is find a way to bring people the art experience and all the healing it has to offer. This is has been a real wall for people; the idea that art is a preserve for people who are kissed by some devine gift. You show that art is for everyone and can be made with the simplest objects. It must be very transcendent for them (and not a little rewarding for you). I think there's a wonderful therapy book waiting here. And documentary film. This has widespread applications for all kinds of populations. Hat's off to you Hanoch. Steve PS: Atta-boy is a corruption of "That-a-boy!". Prideful praise on this side of the pond.
Robert Saunders January 8, 2007
Boy, art in the service of rehabilitative therapy, Hanoch... A pretty high calling.
Christoph Hitz January 8, 2007
Hanoch, My 11 year old son Emmett has juvenile diabetes type 1, consequently we spend a lot of time at doctors, hospitals and diabetes events. The kids faces light up when they are engaged by anything beyond the waiting room TV. Your workshop is terrific way of taking kids minds to the imagination land. This post is a fabulous inspiration.
Zimm January 8, 2007
I hope you'll continue to add to this gallery, if and when you can. It's immediately one of my favorites at Drawger. It's remarkable. Thanks so much!
Adam McCauley January 8, 2007
Hanoch! Wow, I hadn't even noticed you were on here. Welcome, I hope you're doing great. This work is amazing, what a cool thing you're doing. When my Mom was really sick with Cancer we'd hang out and do "White Cell" drawings, where the t-cells would be kicking some ass. These look like a great cathartic way to let some of that energy out for the unfortunately ill. Thanks for posting...
Hanoch Piven January 9, 2007
ZIMM, THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful space where things like this can be so easily shared and I knew y'all would be enthusiastic about it. I think it has something to do with us illustrators wanting to COMMUNICATE and appretiating when that is done regardless of who does it. I will try to put more (I have hundreds, its a matter of finding the time) + a couple of little clips if I manage to learn how to embed (sp?) a youtube here.
Edel Rodriguez January 9, 2007
Hanoch, This gallery adds a wonderful new dimension to Drawger, it's touching to see these pieces and to see you giving of your time. I'm very proud to know that you are out there representing illustration in such a heartfelt way. Gracias amigo!