Hanoch Piven
posted: January 3, 2007
you'll see the little pipi coming out in the larger picture below...
Borat cover came out . If you look at the nose the peeing figure is connected to the typical Catalan tradition of Caganers. (the Shitters) The caganers are put in the pesebre, the miniature nativity scene built in the houses (I hope I get this right..excuse my jewish origins) among the cows, the kings, the virgen maria, etc, and some mantain that the reason they are put there is to connect us all humble shitting human beings with the sacred scene depicted in the pesebre. Other catalans might say: "its just that we like jokes with shit" ('scatological humour') Anyway each christmas season you can buy many different caganers also of celebrities. And although the W Bush shitter is one of the most populars here, it is common to see many popular celebrities as shitters. The Royal family is also included and football players as well. There are also some peeing figures, though almost none. this one served my purposes since I thought he might pass as a Kasakh peasant. see more caganers here http://www.caganer.com/
enlarged detail...
Samuel Eto'o Bara's great striker, as a caganer....
a view from the back...
Peter Hermann January 3, 2007
oh boy. hilarious and genius at the same time. the borat cover is amazing. to get the idea is one thing, but to make it actually work. bravo.
Zina Saunders January 3, 2007
Love your Borat!
Jon Berkeley January 3, 2007
Hi Hanoch Interesting site, this - thanks for the link. I have yet to get the balance right in trying to put limits on the scatalogical humour of my kids - I have to keep reminding myself that it was me who brought them to Catalunya, and we have also adopted the tradition of the 'caga to' (shitting uncle); a log with a face painted on it which 'defecates' presents on christmas eve when beaten with a stick. It's not exactly Christmas with Bing, is it? Excellent Borat, by the way. I trust all the material you used is of synthetic origin.
karin January 3, 2007
bueno bueno ya veo que es verdad que blogeas y tienes mogollon de fanssssssssssss..... mola el borat super chulo! hecho en falta a castro cagando... jajajja besos k
J.D. King January 3, 2007
Great cover, dude!
Steve Brodner January 3, 2007
Hanoch: Totally brilliant. Great going. Steve
Hal Mayforth January 3, 2007
Great Borat Hanoch, It's great to see you here. H
David Goldin January 3, 2007
Piven my friend, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard at this post. And caga tio and beating it with a stick.... I need Jon's address. I have a cleaning bill for him.
Tim O'Brien January 3, 2007
Most excellent image artwork you made for Voice of American Village.
Mike January 8, 2007
Me alegro de que te decidieras,es un blog muy bueno,estoy esperando ver todas las cochinadas que cuelgas!!
Amitai Sandy January 8, 2007
I find it funny that the black guy's poo is sort of pale colored...
piv. January 8, 2007
Hey Sandy good point I have a Fidel Castro pooping here, (thanks to my friend Mike (Miguel) Gallard) and his poo is black need to photograph it as well..
Itzik Gonen January 12, 2007
Great! I think Borat is an excellent example of your ability to catch the spirit of the image.
maria January 26, 2007
to Jon Berkeley, Tió in catalán is not an uncle (tío in spanish) but a big piece of a tree's trunk. It's so great you adopted our tradition :oD And please, Hanoch, keep up with the genial work!
brian May 23, 2007
This is some racist shit. Fuck you whitey !!